Friday, March 19, 2010


We landed in Thessilonoki and went by bus to Kavala
which is right on the Aegean Sea. Next morning we set
out for Phillipi. These are the ruins at Phillipi.

These next two are the prison cell where the apostle Paul was

Not very big and very cold this time of year. I can
personally attest to this.

View of the Forum

Snow on the mountain pass we crossed over to
our next destination

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Have been on a grueling schedule. Up at 5:00am on the road by 6:15. In Athens tonight. Start the cruise tomorrow. Hope things slow down a little. If the ship has wi fi I'll post more tomorrow.

The ancient Roman Forum

Day two in Rome started with a visit to the Catacombs then on to the
church of St Pul out side the wall. Then to the Ancient Rome.


Papal Apartments

Leo the 13th in St. Peters

Vatican museum

Papal audience

Fantastic trip. Landed in Rome Tues. afternoon March 9th and went directly to the hotel. Had dinner and a much needed rest. The following morning we had an audience with the Pope. It really was a moving experience. After the audience we visited the Vatican museum , St.Peter's and the Sistine Chapel. Words can not adequately describe what the eyes are seeing.