Saturday, January 17, 2015


     I discovered Arizona wineries several years ago.  They are all over the state.  The ones in Northern Arizona center around the Verde Valley.  The ones in Southeast Arizona are in Wilcox, and the Sonoita-Elgin region.  I am most familiar with the ones in the southeast.  Plan on taking two days to go wine tasting.  From the B&B, Wilcox is about 50 miles south east on I-10. There are 8 wineries open in the Wilcox vicinity, 5 of which are close together in downtown Wilcox. Mike can tell you which ones to visit and which to avoid.  I think he's been to all of them.
     The Sonoita/Elgin area is about 30 miles south and a little west of the B&B on highway 82.  There are 12 wineries open in the area and they are all rather close together.  This trip I visited 3.

 Kief-Joshua is my favorite.  I'm a member of their wine club.  They have a great mix of reds and whites.  I personally favor the reds.  They give generous tastings.  This last trip there were over 10 wines you could taste and they provide crackers to cleanse your palate after you taste the wine.  They also have meat and cheese for sale if you're hungry.

 The wine tasting is right through the door.  It's a large room with  tables, and there is also a patio with seating.  I bought a case of mixed reds.  The cost is inexpensive and there is a discount if you bring your own wine glass.
This is Wilhelm Family Vineyards.  Their wine is also very good.  They also have a great mix of reds and whites.  Their tastings are very generous.  This trip there were about 6 samples available to taste.  I bought a bottle of red.  One of their top wines is a red "Patroit Salute."   It's excellent.

A view of their vineyard.  Looks like they're doing some work.

This is Dos Cabezas.  This is my first visit but certainly not my last.  Like the other wineries they also have generous tastings and provide a multitude of samples to taste.  I bought 2 bottles of reds.
 Just so you know, I was the designated driver and only sampled about 2 wines per winery.

 Right next door to Dos Cabezas is this restaurant.  I had lunch here on a wine excursion two year ago, so we decided to have a late lunch after this wine tasting.  The food is very good and the servers are very entertaining.  It was a fun lunch.
The Double D's!!!!  Get your mind out of the gutter, it stands for Debbie and Debbie.  They are both named
Debbie.  It was a fun lunch.  Debbie with the dark framed glasses is a fanatic 49er fan and has no use for Seattle and we heard all about it and  it was very funny.  She is the owner of the restaurant.  The other Debbie has worked there for 30 years.  When you have lunch ask them what the difference is between a toilet and a waitress.

I have been to Napa, Ca.  many times and it is very nice and a lot of fun.  However, it has gotten very crowded and expensive.  Southern Arizona is not crowded, or expensive.  The wine is excellent.  It is easily accessible and dining opportunities are very good.

To promote the Arizona wine industry there is a Wine Travel Card that gives discounts  on purchases at wineries throughout Arizona. It also gives special offers and event invites to cardholders.  Information on this card can be found here.

Photo credit for the Double D's goes to Mike Hug.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015



This room has a coffee maker and a refrigerator.
 Hallway into the Bird Room
 Working fireplace.  The wall hanging was purchased at a Hopi show at the Northern Arizona Museum.

 This room has a coffee maker, refrigerator and a microwave

 This room also has a working fireplace.

  And a coffee maker, refrigerator and a microwave.

 This room also has a coffee maker, a refrigerator and a microwave.
I have stayed in all the rooms except the Bird Room.  They are all very comfortable.  All of the antiques are from Arizona.
The breakfasts that Mike and Angie serve are gourmet. My favorites are the Egg Cup breakfast and the Souffles and there is always a smoothie before breakfast.
When ever I go to Southeast Arizona to either visit Tombstone and Bisbee or to visit my favorite winery and tour the other wineries for a wine tasting, I always stay at DOWN BY THE RIVER BED AND BREAKFAST.  You can find them on Facebook or Google.


     Every year since 2006 I have rung in the new year at a bed and breakfast in southeast Az.  It is in the middle of nowhere just out side of St. David.  The name of it is Down By The River Bed and Breakfast and the proprietors are Mike and Angie Hug.  There are four guest rooms each with a different theme.

View of the B&B from the covered parking showing the entire building.  The main B&B and Mike and Angie's living quarters.
 View of  the breezeway and main house.
 View from the breezeway to the back.
 The back patio area.
 From the breezeway to the front.
 The main room.  I've played many games of pool on this table.
 View of the main room from the dining room.  Fire place off to the left.  TV enclosed in the armoire.
 Front entrance.  Not used except  by various vegetation.
The dining room.  Ask Mike about the table.  There is a story about it.