Thursday, November 3, 2011


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What can I say about Giverny.  We took the 8:20 train from Paris' Gare St Lazare to Vernon and arrived at Monets around 9:15.  We saw the house, the gardens and the Lily pond in that order.  It worked out well because by the time we left the house there was a long line to get in and when we got to the Lily pond there were few people there.  We walked around the pond and took pictures.  We probably would have stayed longer but it was a cold morning.  We were hungry so we headed down the street to Ancien Hotel Baudy for lunch.  This was the second time I've had lunch there and I highly recommend it.  It was delicious.  For more info go to  After lunch we walked through the rose garden behind the restaurant.  This was a hang out for American impressionists in the early 20th century.  A studio where they worked is behind the restaurant.  Walking farther down the street we found the cemetery next to the village church where Monet is buried.  There is also a memorial to some British soldiers who were killed when their plane crashed outside the village during WWII.  After a wonderful day in Giverny we took the train back to Paris arriving back at the apartment around 5:30.  We went to Au Pied de Cochon for Onion soup and Baba au Rum.  A good day all around.  For more info on Givery go to

 Kayleigh at the pond.

 The gang at the pond.

 Studio behind Ancien Hotel Baudy Restaurant.

 Kayleigh and Kylie  in front of the restaurant.

Monets grave.


Pere Lachaise is the most famous cemetery in Paris.  Maybe even in the entire world.  Many famous people are buried here.  There currently is a waiting list to be buried here.
Kayleigh and Kylie wanted to see Chopin's grave so Sara booked a tour of the cemetery.  I recommend taking a tour.  You could wander for hours in there and still not see many of the famous graves with out one.  It was three hours of walking uphill then downhill over cobblestones but it was worth it.  It truly is a unique place.

 Interesting tombstone

 Another interesting grave.

 Paris in the background.

 Chopin's grave.

 Jim Morrison's grave.  He was only allowed to be buried here because the Doors told the officials that besides being a rock star he was a poet.   Being a poet is what allowed him to be buried there.  They didn't care he was a rock star but they do love their poets.

 Oscar Wilde's grave.  The headstone is being replaced because of all the lipstick stains and graffiti written on it.
 Part of the Holocaust memorial.
 Edith Piaf's grave


 This is our tour guide Sarah.  She spent nearly three hours taking us all through the cemetery and showing us the famous and also the not so famous but very interesting graves.  The tour company is Sight Seekers Delight.  Here is a link to their web site  I highly recommend them.  It was a wonderful tour and very informative.  Sarah is well versed on the cemetery and its history.

 The gang of us.

 A walk down the hill.

An artists view of death.


After touring the museum we had lunch at the garden cafe and then walked around the garden.  It was a beautiful day.  A little chilly for me but still beautiful.  Again for more info go to

 The Thinker


The Thinker different angle


Today we left the apartment early and walked to the Orsay museum.  They were opening the 5th floor with an exhibition of the impressionist artists.  We got there 10 minutes after it was suppose to open.  There was a long line and a sign on the window that said "We can not guarantee that the museum will open today".  We waited in line for 45 minutes and then decided to walk to the Rodin Museum.  These pictures were taken inside the museum.  I've lost the brochure so I can't identify the works.  For more info go to

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We didn't get enough of the left bank yesterday so we decided to visit it again.  We took the metro to the St. Michel stop and walked up the Quai Montebello to Shakespeaer's Book store.  This is where at ex patriot writers in the 20's hung out.  Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald and other famous literati.  It is small and crowded but fascinating especially upstairs.  There are several rooms where struggling writers of this era can go to write and possibly catch a nap.    
After leaving the bookstore we took a leisure stroll up Boulevard St. Germaine .to have lunch at Cafe Flores. After our typical 2 hour lunch we walked to the Louvre and spent the rest of the day there. left the Louvre about 6:00 and went to the markets on rue Montorgueil.  I bought 2 baguettes and a bottle of wine.  Sara and Kim got cheese and grapes and we had dinner in that night, and what a fine dinner it was.

 Everybody in front of the bookstore

 Kayleigh and Kylie:  Bookstore in the background
 Vegetable Quiche

 The girls walking down by the Seine

The girls walking down by the Seine.
 At the Lock (Love) Bridge.

 Senic view across the Seine

 View of the Il de Cite

 Venus de Milo
Kim and Kylie next to the Louvre Pyramid at dusk.