Saturday, August 13, 2011

Prague in April

 After sailing all the previous day, we docked at a small town outside of Prague.  We boarded several small Isuzu buses and started our Prague tour.  Our first stop was a castle on the hill.  It is a complex that contains several historic buildings, one being the residence of the Czech prime minister, another the residence of the Archbishop of Prague and the historic Cathedral.  We spent about two hours there and then went to the Jewish section.  This is a very old section of the city.  Our guide mentioned that before WWll there were 45,000 Jews living in Prague.  Today there are 1,500.


This is where we disembarked and boarded the Isuzu buses that took us into Prague.  They are visible on top of the bridge.
This was the royal palace once upon a time.  It's now the residence of the Prime Minister.  This is the entrance.
View of the city from the square in front of the palace.
Stained glass in the Cathedral of St Vitus.
Side chapel in the Cathedral.  Entrance to where the Royal jewels are kept.

Prague street scene of the Jewish section.

Very old  Jewish clock.

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