Friday, June 15, 2012


The bus dropped us off on the main street of Alicante and we started our walking tour of the city.  This part of the city is quite picturesque.
 Heading up to a town square.
 Main focus in the square.  One of the Municipal office buildings.
 A statue sculpted by Dali in the foyer of the clock tower building.
Street scene.
 Heading up to the cathedral.  I was starved and popped into a gelato store for a snack.  No pictures of the cathedral because I couldn't manage the camera and the gelato at the same time.
 These two pictures are of the Esplanada de Espana.  This would be a great place to find a cafe and have an expressso or a glass of wine and just while away the afternoon.  As your looking at these pictures, off to the right is the main street and across that street is the harbor and the beach.  Notice the design in the pavement and the cafes off to the left.

Me eating my gelato.  It was delicious and I was starving.  Ladee took the picture when I wasn't looking. If I could make one suggestion about the tour it would be to make it an hour longer and give us a break to grab a lunch.  I could spend a weekend here in Alicante.

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Ladee said...

I took the photo of gelato so that I could remember to complain that I didn't get any!! This was a nice pedestrian walkway. Alicante was quite a surprise and would be a nice place to spend a few days.