Monday, June 11, 2012


 On April 27th I set out on a grand adventure.  I boarded a plane and flew to Ft. Lauderdale arriving late in the evening.  I checked into the airport Hilton for the night.(FYI everything shut down at midnight.  Bar and restaurant.)  Next morning I had breakfast and took the shuttle to the pier, dropped my luggage at the Princess drop off point and waited in line to board the ship.  The ship is huge.  Once boarding started, the boarding process went very smoothly and fast.  I received my room card, had my picture taken and I was on board.  On a cruise your room card acts as your identification for bar charges, store purchases, and getting off and on the ship.  It's all you need.
I had cruised before.  In 2010 I cruised the Greek Islands on the Louis line out of Athens.  The ship was one third the size of the Crown Princess and the cruise was in the Aegean not across the Atlantic.  I had a few trepidations about crossing the Atlantic.  The crossing was wonderful.  There was a Sail away party as we left Ft. Lauderdale.  We received a Princess Patter each evening with list of the next days activities.  If you are bored on a cruise ship, it's your own fault.  There are movies at various times of the day, in various places, lectures, trivia(three times a day), seminars,art shows,dance lessons, pool games and in the evening entertainment that I think was equal to Broadway and Las Vegas.  Sometimes it was hard to fit in everything I wanted to do.  There were three different wine tastings.  One was actually a champagne tasting.  Made them all.  It was a wonderful crossing.  Left Ft.Lauderdale April 28th.  Our first port of call was Gibraltar on May 7th. On the way across I got to see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.  In fact there was a pod of dolphins that were actually playing chicken with the ship.  I presume the dove under the ship, or were fast enough to get past.  

                                    This was taken from deck 7 looking down to deck 5.  There was entertainment here almost constantly.  Deck 5 is the location of the  coffee bar, the international cafe (open 24/7) the wine and sushi bar and the Michelangelo dining room.  Our favorite place to dine.
                                    My favorite bar.  Walked in once and ordered a martini and told them how i wanted it made.  After that first time they knew my name, how to make the martini and my cabin number.  they made an excellent martini with blue cheese olives.
                                      Same  bar
                                    Wide hall way
                                      Another view from deck 7
                                     A view from deck 5 looking up.

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