Saturday, September 22, 2012


 Cross it off the bucket list.  I have arrived at the Pyramids of Giza.  I remember this day as if it was yesterday.  I had my Yasser Arafat headdress on and was the last off the bus.  The guy in the turban said to me"Let me fix your headdress."  So he did and then he said give me your camera and we'll take your picture.  I had left my camera on the bus so I went back to get it and someone snapped the picture of us.  Then he said "Sit on the camel" and the next thing I knew the camel was standing and I was on a camel ride.  We walked from the bus parking lot past the large pyramid over to the small pyramid.  My new found Egyptian friend took all these pictures. When I got off the camel, the ride ended up costing me $50.00.  At first I was upset, not at the Egyptians, but at my self.  I thought that I was a savvy traveler and I literally had been taken for a ride.  After awhile I calmed down and took a look at what I got for my $50.00.  A camel ride in front of the pyramids and assorted other souvenirs, a set of the pyramids, postcards, an Egyptian headdress and some papyrus book markers.  Now four months later as I look back on the experience I certainly got my money's worth.  All these pictures were taken by my Egyptian friend and I got to ride a camel, in the Sahara Desert next to the Pyramids of Giza.  What an experience!!!  And with these pictures, I can relive this experience any time I wish.

Getting off the camel.  They don't call camels the ship of the desert for no reason.

The Pyramids of Giza with Cairo in the background.
A different view.

I think part of what made me mad in the beginning was that our tour guide Dina had told us not to ride a camel at this location and I didn't pay any attention to her advice.  However I had a once in a life time experience.

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