Monday, September 24, 2012


After the pyramids we went down to the Sphinx. There is an ongoing debate as to the purpose of and who built the Sphinx.  There were other buildings around and near it.  In order to get to it you have to go through  a causeway.  You follow the path through the causeway and arrive at,  for a lack of a better word, an observation platform.  This causeway and observation platform were at one time buildings.  As I'm standing there I wondered what was the function of these buildings:  Funeral preparation, slave quarters or what?
  To say that it is a magnificent structure is an understatement.  You can get much closer to it than you can to the pyramids.  It was just something else to realize that you are standing next to something that is almost 5,000 year old.  It truly was breathtaking.  On the platform were Egyptian children ages 10 to 14 working the tourists by taking their picture in front of the Sphinx.  Still slightly pissed from my camel ride, I ignored them.

The kids worked this guy.  In this pose his extended fist is punching the Sphinx in the nose.

I took this picture myself.

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