Friday, December 3, 2010

Day Five: Taking Our Time

Our plan for today was to see the Van Gogh exhibition at the Vittorio museum. We took the bus to the Victor Emmanuel monument. We took the elevator to the top of the monument and were greeted by the following scenes.

The colosseum

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum

St. Peters and the Pantheon on the right

St. Peters

We took the elevator back down and there was a cafeteria on the roof where we had lunch and did some people watching. After lunch we went to the Forum and toured that.


Anonymous said...

I JUST GOT INTO YOUR BLOG. I feel like I am taking the trip with you, the pictures are terrific. What is with the grey and long hair? My hair is white but then again I am much older than you and decided not to color anymore. Enjoy the rest of your trip, I sure do envy you all. Love, Helen

Ginan said...

These pictures are great.