Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Monday in Paris

First thing this morning was shopping for necessities. Coffee, paper towels, hand soap, creme fraiche and kleenex. I reached for my wallet and realized I didn't have it. Luckly I had some euros in my pocket. I got back to the apartment, made the coffee and then looked for my wallet. It was no where to be found. No wallet, no passport. I was all set to call the American Embassy when I thought about going downstairs to the cafe where we had dinner the night before. Thank God for the honest French. My wallet and passport were there. The few euros I had in the wallet were gone but all the American money I had was still there. We headed in the direction of the Louve and walked down rue Trivoli looking in all the souvenir shops.
We walked around neighborhoods where we hadn't been before. Stopped for lunch and hot chocolate at Angelina's on rue Trivoli. Bought gourmet chocolate at Pierre Hermes, walked by upscale shops on Place Vendome, Dior, Rolex etc. Nice afternoon with no rain.

Palace of Justice

Display on the Louvre

Part of the Enchanted Forest Display on
Place Vendome.

View of the Opera House from the middle of the street
Dodging cars in the process.

Christmas display in a mini mall
Ended the day with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants le tir-bouchon. Prix fix menu 30 euros plus wine. Got back to the apartment at 10:00. Very nice day.

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Sara said...

Wow- at least you found the wallet and passport!! Close call, but the Travel Gods are smiling on you.