Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Six Leisurely Day Walking around and Shopping

Friday was a day to relax and take it easy. We spent a leisure morning having expresso and Panettone. I have become quite the barristta when it comes to making expresso. We headed out around 11:30 and went to Mimi and Coco's for lunch.

I had spaghetti carbonara. Excellent!!!

Guess who?

Street shots of where we walked

Streets of Rome

Interesting building.
After lunch we continued our walk through the Piazza Navona on the way to the Pantheon.
Stopped in a little wine shop and had a liqueur tasting. After that we continued on to the Pantheon. By this time we were ready for some coffee.

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Ginan said...

There's a huge black page gap after what you wrote and the end of the input for this day.