Saturday, November 10, 2012


After our visit to the Hagia  we walked through the streets to have lunch in a small , out of the way hotel.  Lunch was served in a second story enclosed veranda.  It was very good.  I was sitting with a couple from Canada and happened to mention that my camera battery died.  The woman asked to see my camera.  I showed it to her and she happen to have the same camera and an extra battery.  She  gave me her extra battery to use the rest of the day.  After lunch we boarded our bus and was off to the rug demonstration and a visit to the Grand Bazaar.  

The Grand Bazaar is huge.  There is one main street with a lot of side streets and alleyways.  I walked all the way through and back and then explored a few side streets.  I read somewhere that bargaining was expected by the shopkeepers.  As Americans that is sometimes hard to do because we are used to paying full price.  I saw a pair of sunglasses that I liked so I asked the price.  The answer came back dollars, euros or Turkish lire?  I answered dollars.  He said 10.00.  I also read that you should start at 60% of the asking price and expect to pay 75%.  I answered $6.00.  He said OK.  I got a nice pair of sunglasses for $6.00.  I explored a little more and then walked back to the meeting place to catch the bus to the Blue Mosque.

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