Friday, November 9, 2012


Our first stop was Topkapi palace.  Construction started in 1459 by order of the sultan Mehmed ll.  He conquered Byzantine Constantinople.  It served as the residence of the Ottoman Sultans for nearly 400 years.  It is now a museum which houses many fine pieces of Chinese porcelain, jewels and the famous Topkapi dagger  There was a movie in the mid 60's called Topkapi  staring Peter Ustinov. They were trying to steal the dagger.  Also, the museum contains Holy Relics of the Muslim world including items that belonged to Mohammed. 

Our guide gave us our tickets and a time and place to meet and let us go on our own.  Pictures were not allowed in the museum and I can understand why.  The Topkapi dagger is jewel encrusted.   There is a diamond that is 86 carats. There is a lot of gold possessions of the Sultans.  It was quite impressive. 

The line of people waiting to buy tickets
Entrance to the museum

Palace grounds

The museum was made up of various buildings.  This is an entrance to a part of the museum. 

Thought this was an interesting scroll.  I have no idea what it represents.

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