Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The gondola ride was very interesting.  There were six of us plus the gondolier.  I don't think the canals were more than 10 feet wide in most places.

 A view of the Grand Canal.
 Turning off of the Grand Canal back into the neighborhoods.

The Gondola ride ended in front of the Hard Rock Cafe, so I went in and bought a pin from Venice to go with my collection from Athens and Prague.
The next stop on the tour was a visit to the Murano Glass factory for a glass blowing demonstration and a shopping experience.  The glass blowing was fascinating and the shopping was an experience.  The finished products were beautiful, expensive and something that I didn't need.  However, I did buy a Christmas bulb for 30 euros.  I figured I can hang it on the Christmas tree once a year.

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