Friday, December 7, 2012


When my first cruise ended in Venice I had to buy a round trip ticket from Venice to the States.  It was much cheaper than a one way ticket from Venice to Phoenix.  While I was looking at ways to use the return portion to Venice I came across a re-positioning cruise leaving Venice and sailing to Ft. Lauderdale.  It was on the Crown Princess, the same ship I was on for the first cruise. It was a perfect way to use the second half on my ticket.  I left Phoenix December 1, 2012, flew to Charlotte, N.C. then on to Frankfurt, Germany and arrived in Venice around 4:30pm Dec 2nd.  It was cold, rainy and dark.  My plan was to board the ship and sack out as I had very little sleep on the flights.  That was not to be.  My mandatory life jacket drill was scheduled for 7:30 that evening.  Any how we were scheduled to sail at 11:00, so I stayed up to watch us sail out of Venice.  These are the only good pictures of us leaving.

 I think I got a bit of the rail in this picture.

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