Sunday, December 9, 2012


From Vernazza we took the train to Monterosso.  Again mainly through tunnels.  This is the last village we visited.

 Looking up the hill as I got off the train.
 Starting to walk into town.
 Decided that for future reference I needed to know where I was.  Notice the tunnel.
 Walking into the village along the coast.
 Nazi pill box left over from WWII
View from the top of the hill as I start down into the village.  There was a road and tunnel through the hill but I opted to take the pathway up the hill.  I think the views were worth it.
When we got into the village the tour included a stop at the bell tower, and the old church built in the 1200's and then the finale.  We had a wine and olive oil tasting a a local shop.  Both the wines and the olive oils were grown and processed there.  They were delicious.
After our tasting we were on our own for about 90 minutes before we had to meet back at the train station and catch the bus back to the ship.  The restaurant recommended by our guide was closed for a private party so I wandered around and found this trattoria.  The pizza was excellent.
 Street scene
 Another street scene
 On the beach looking toward the train station.
Same scene different angle.
 I just liked these two shots.

Cinque Terra is definitely a place to revisit.  What I would like to do is hike from one village to the next seeing all five and spend as much time as I like doing it. I would also like to eat and drink my way through the villages taking time to enjoy the wines, olive oils and local seafood.  Walking time between villages is under 2 hours.
As of now however some of the trails are still closed because of the mud slides 2 years ago.  When I go back it will be in the fall.  You can see in the pictures that there weren't any crowds anywhere. Also maybe I lucked out but the weather was excellent.  It was cold in the morning in the shade and I needed a jacket.  The jacket came off as the sun came out and it was very comfortable.  It was a grand day.

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