Sunday, October 25, 2009


Decided to go to Versailles on day 5. Took the
train and arrived around 9:30 The place is
massive. This is the courtyard in front of the
palace. The pavement is all cobblestones.
Fun walking.

The famous Hall of Mirrors. This is where the Treaty of
Versailles was signed ending WWI. This room has 17 floor to ceiling
mirrors. Mirrors were rare and expensive in Louis XIV time and this
room showed the power and opulence of France in the 17th century.
No wonder they revolted in 1789.

I just liked this scene. Note how the trees are planted in such a straight
line. The entire garden is designed in goemetric patterns.

View from the back of the palace down to the Grand Canal.
We walked this to get down to the Grand and Petite Trianons.

A view of the garden from a different angle.

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Ginan said...

Great pictures! You look like you belong in a palace!!!