Monday, October 26, 2009


It doesn't seem possible that we have been here for a week.
Today we decided to go to St. Sulpice and t St. Germain-des Pres
Churches. We walked down our street and found a lively Sunday
morning market. Fresh bread, meat, friuts, veggies, fish, cheese, wine
sour candy. I bought some candy that looked like red rasberries. I
popped one in my mouth and puckered like I never have before. After
the initial shock the candy is really good. We caught the Metro and
headed to the Rive Gauche (Left Bank)

Looking straight out our apartment window.

Looking left out the window. This is the street where the market was.
I couldn't see it from our balcony.

Fountain in front of St. Sulpice

This is the organ at St Sulpice. When we got there Mass was being said so
I heard Mass and went to communion. After Mass the organist
gave a small concert as we toured the church. This church is featured
in the novel "The Da Vinci Code" because of its obelisk. There is
actually a sign that says words to the effect "that dispite claims in a
recent novel this site was never a pagan temple and this is not the
Rose line".

The altar

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Anonymous said...

Wow... this is so awesome.. Just imagine attending mass and taking Holy Communion in a place such as this!