Wednesday, October 28, 2009


More stained glass in St Chapelle using different
light settings on the camera.

The altar on the "Royal' level. The servants worshipped
down stairs, the King on this level with all the stained glass.

The Palace of Justice. St Chapelle was the only place we had to stand in
even with the Museum Pass. I can understand the reason. It is the
entrance to the French Supreme court and also the Court of Appeals.

The cafe where we had lunch. It's across the street from St. Chapelle.
We sat under the second window on the left. Good meal

On our way home we walked across this bridge to
"Bule Mich" had a cafe au lait in a cafe, watched people
on their way home from work and took the Metro back to
the apartment. Had dinner again at Etienne Marcels.
Another wonderful day in Paris.

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Sara said...

Gorgeous stained glass!