Friday, October 30, 2009


Today I set out to discover Paris from on high.
Took the train to Montparnasse to see Paris from 59n stories
high. Next on the agenda was a walk down the Champs-Elysees and I
finished the day at the EiffeL Tower taking the elevator up to the top.
1063 feet above Paris.

View from the top of Mont Parnasse. Taken about 1:30 pm.
There was a bit of a haze but still a wonderful view.

Arch de Triomphe. Traffic around the arch is insane.
There are 13 streets that merge into this circle, with no lanes marked
or traffic signals. There is a video posted further down. It was great
fun to watch. Never, never will I drive in Paris. Jamais!!!!

Cafe on the Champs Elysees where I had lunch.

Traffic at the Place de la Concorde. I actually crossed this
mess to get to the metro stop. It was wild!!!

Eiffel Tower at dusk.

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Ginan said...

Wow, more great pictures! Thanks for sharing!