Saturday, April 9, 2011


After the service in Notre Dame we walked over to Ile St. Louis and stopped in the Brasserie Ile St. Louis. See Ladee's blog for food pictures. I had eaten here back in October 2009. The plat du jour was delicious. Today the steak was just as good. Also, Ile St. Louis has the best ice cream in all of Europe. After eating we had a leisurly walk back to the apartment. We stopped at the neighborhood Boulangerie and bought our breakfast for Saturday morning. Pain du chocolat. Walking between Notre Dame and the Seine
Couldn't resist. Spring time in Paris. The day was beautiful. It was in the low 70's

View of Notre Dame from the left bank

Left bank

Paris street scene

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Sara said...

Great pictures~ So beautiful! I can't wait to be there in October.