Friday, April 8, 2011


View of the Chateau as you walk toward the front
Front of the Chateau

View of the garden from the front of the


Side view

Arch as you enter the grounds

We decided to take a day and visit the Chantilly Chateau. We took the metro to Gare du Nord and navigated through Gare du Nord to catch the Creil line which is part of the Grandes Lignes. It's a half hour trip to Chantilly. When we arrived we hopped on a bus to the chateau. It dropped us off in front of an old church which we walked in to and then walked to the chateau. Before seeing the chateau we walked through the garden to the small restaurant "The Hameau". Food was absolutely magnifique. Think Chantilly Cream. See for food and lace pictures. Also on ladee's blog is a rendition of Chantilly lace by Tina and Karl. Check it out. Sung with the chateau in the background.

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