Saturday, April 9, 2011


After watching the street performer sing for awhile we had lunch at Au clairon Des Chassuers. We sat out in the square, under an awning, with the street artist all around. I had Beouf Bourguignon which was absolutely delicious. I'm buying a French cookbook when I get home. Our server was Etienne. He spoke excellent english but would answer my questions in French and English. After lunch we walked around the square and looked at all the artist work, and watched them paint. I have no room to carry additional things all over Europe , so I resisted. I'll have to buy next time. Spent the rest of the afternoon in Monmartre. Square where we had lunch
Street scene

Interesting wall art.

In front of theMoulin Rouge

Just me this time

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Sara said...

WHAT?!? No CanCan pictures??? I expect to see you dancing Pops!!

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Love you!!