Saturday, April 16, 2011


Had a very long walk through Berlin today. Started at the hotel in Potsdammer Platz and walked toward the Brandenburg gate. On the way we stopped at the Holocaust Memorial and the American Embassy. From there we proceeded on to the gate and then over to the Reichstag. It is only open to the public by appointment only and appointments take over a week to get. So we didn't get the chance to go up in the dome. We walked back to Brandenburg gate following bricks in the road which are remnants of the Berlin wall. Brandenburg gate was in East Germany. we walked through it and started our journey down Uter den Linden. We went down into a subway station that was closed when the area was East Germany. It's much the same as it was in the 1930's. We walked all the way down to Alexanderplatz and then took the uban back to the hotel. The Holocaust Memorial is a field of 2,711 cement blocks covering 5 acres commerating the extermination of the European Jews.
The American Embassy
The back of the Brandenburg gate

Looking to the Reichstag from Brandenburg gate. Notice the line of bricks in the street. That is where the wall was.

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Looks like you're having a great trip!

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