Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Started today with a great breakfast and a leisurely morning. We sailed to Magdeburg and docked around 1:30.

This is a medieval town university town that is over 1,000 years old. Its main claim to fame is the cathedral. The town was 90 per cent destroyed in the winter of 1945 because of its mechanical engineering industry. The rebuilding effort is tremendous. Nothing was really done under the GDR, so it has only been since reunification in 1989 that progress has been made.

After the tour we met the boat in Para , had a wonderful dinner and sailed throught he night to our next port of call Wittenberg.
Guess who enjoying cruising on the Elbe.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser is the architech of this building.  click here for more info on Friedensreich Hunderwasser  The bbiulding is designed to go with the flow of nature.  Very unusual with trees growing out of it.  The grounds around the building are uneven.  It has shops and a cafe on the ground floor, there are business offices in it and also apartments.  If I lived in Magdeburg I would live in this building.

Inside of the cathedral.  Completely rebuilt after WWll.

I like this roof.  It's saying "Here's looking at you".

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Ladee said...

I love the roof with the sleepy-eyed windows. It is as if they are saying "Oh no, it's not time to get up yet!"