Monday, April 25, 2011


The Potsdam conference was a meeting of Truman, Churchill and Stalin held in 1945. It determined the borders for post war Europe and decided the fate of Germany. It was held in Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam. The palace and the grounds are beautiful.

Stalin's desk in the palace. He had a window on either side and a door near by. He was afraid of an assassination attempt.

You've heard of King Arthur's round table, well this is the Potsdam conference round table. Everyone is equal.

A picture of all the participants in the conference.

Allied office in the palace.

Allied office in the palace.

Allied office in the palace.

The Red Star garden. Potsdam was in Russian occupied territory. Hence the red star.

Explanation in four languages.
These next two photos are each a half of the palace as seen from the front. I couldn't get it into one picture.
Second half
Interesting foot note. Each ally had there own entrance and exit to the palace. This was done to maintain equality. God forbid two delagations show up at the front door at the same time. Who defers to whom?? That would have been the question.

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